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Audrina Patridge Hd Wallpapers

Audrina Patridge
Period of your energy and energy of Birth
9 May 1985, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name
Audrina Cathleen Patridge


5' 7¼" (1.71 m)

Mini Biography

Audrina Patridge designed her little display release in 2005 as the fun and assured online on the throw of the hit MTV series, "The Hills" (2006), a reality display which information the way of lifestyle of four place trying to make a stage for themselves in the fast quantity, impressive city of Los Angeles. "The Hills" (2006) had the highest-rated telecast this interval for MTV. It was lately provided for "Choice TV Reality/ Broad variety Show" at the 2007 Kid Option Awards display. The display will begin its 4th interval in Aug 2008. Patridge lately obtained growth on her first film factor, MGM Home Entertainment's Into the Red 2: The Globally (2009) (V). In the film, Patridge superstars opposite Bob Carmack and Laura Vandervoort as "Kelsey", a no-nonsense, amazing beach kid whose online provides her every management. Blessed the first of four children in Downey, California, Audrina has always aspired to become an superstar in Professional and, as soon as she customized 18, she achieved with a little management company in LA. She designed her art by doing situation classes and individual doing exercising, getting a job at Quixote Organizations as she with determination with concern with patience patiently waited for her big break. Existing a stone's throw away from the MTV growth of "The Hills" (2006), Audrina was seen calming in the sun by the discuss and was expected by a company if she would like to be a factor of the throw. She happily accepted her factor as the unique online of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag in what was sure to be the beginning of her eye-catching occupation. Patridge has been a classification act since she was a little kid. Her beauty and amazing way fuel her ability to lights up the image picture photo photographic camera. Aside from her interesting film everyday living, Audrina is an obtained professional and has been impressive in many activities such as martial skillfullness exercising, cheerleading, kick-boxing and especially going.

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  1. Audrina Patridge bio update: Audrina Patridge was one of the principle characters in the MTV reality show "The Hills." When "The Hills" ended in 2010 Audrina became a contestant on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars." Also in 2010 she became the spokesmodel for Bongo Jeans clothing. At the beginning of 2011 Audrina went through a drastic reduction procedure that removed her signature "Hills" curvy shape and left her sagging, flattened, with little cleavage or curves. Her next television effort the "Audrina" show on VH1 was cancelled for low ratings. In part due to Audrina's post reduction appearance that changed her so drastically it appeared a celebrity impersonator was playing her role and Audrina wasn't on the "Audrina" show. Audrina left the role of spokesmodel for Bongo at the end of 2011. In early 2012 Audrina became the spokemodel for the fragrance "Curve Appeal" from Elizabeth Arden cosmetics. Throughout 2011 and 2012 Audrina’s style changed from fierce, young and sexy to matronly, covered up in high necklines, and baggy ill fitting clothes. She was once unique in Hollywood - toned and slender yet with impressive curves and cleavage - Audrina in 2012 appears constantly covered up, shapeless, in dire need of some boosting lift and support lingerie. When she employs a boost she brings back her old impressive shape and looks good as she did on her 2012 birthday trip to Cabo. However, Audrina rarely employs the helpful boost, so she appears sadly shapeless and old before her time more often than not. If you want to see Audrina at her best find photos and video from 2008, 2009, and 2010, her peak period for modeling and television with "The Hills", "Dancing With the Stars" and the 3 movies she has been in.