Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dannii Minogue Hd Wallpapers

Dannii Minogue
20 Oct 1971, Victoria, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name
Danielle Betty Minogue

Queen Of The Clubs

5' 2" (1.57 m)

Mini Biography

Danielle Betty Minogue was endowed in 1971, the latest sis of Kylie Minogue and brother Brendan Minogue. By May 1978, she had effectively properly secured a aspect in the Contemporary modern australia series "Skyways" (1979). A wide range of guest shows followed, leading to her overall look as a "Talent Discovery" on the well-known "Young Capability Time" (1971). Three years later, she became an official toss individual. As Dannii's professional proceed grown up, so did her popularity. Her first design wide range, known as "Dannii", promoted out in a record 10 periods in 1988. Globally popularity came when Dannii took the aspect of Emma Knutson in the well-known cleaning agent opera "Home and Away" (1988), which led to her getting the "Most Well-known Females TV Personality" Award at the Contemporary modern australia Tv Awards 1989 Logie Awards. Her self-titled release record was released in 1991. Her movie release Techniques (1994) (V) came in 1992, and she followed this success with a second record, "Get Into You", in 1993. Upon going to London, uk, uk in the starting 1990s, Dannii organized a series of talk about shows for British tv. After a individual of three years, Dannii began execute on her third record, "Girl", which was released on May 8, 1997.


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