Friday, 15 June 2012

Una Healy Hd Wallpapers

Una Healy
Una Healy was endowed in Thurles, Eire in europe to Angel and Bob Healy, physician and a GP. She has a sis, Deirdre.

Healy comes from a musical technological innovation technology requirements and is the comparative of country artist Declan Nerney. She is a comparative of Irish individual Bob Hession.

At 13, she offered up experiencing water sports (she was an All-Ireland champion swimmer at 9 and established to demonstrate herself to perform using her moms device and from then on began to make songs of her own.

After finishing university at 18, she established to take a year out and became a healthcare associate, and from then went on to analysis nursing and then primary teaching, but established finally to progress and practice her songs attention at 23 years old. She began her songs occupation experiencing device and doing in organizations and evening organizations around Eire in europe, individual and in organizations.

Whilst she was progressively discovering achievements in her regional Eire in europe as an separate individual artist, she thought she didn't have a organization path in her occupation. Therefore, in the summer time period of 2007 she frequently went over to London, uk, uk to acquire more exposure and encounter and came an try out for The Saturdays, which was her first try out for a significant product and offshore.

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