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January Jones Hd Wallpapers

January Jones
Interval of Birth
                                                                                                                    CLICK HERE FOR HOT       5 Jan 1978, Sioux Comes, The southeast part of area Dakota, USA

Birth Name
January Kristen Jones

5' 6" (1.68 m)

January Fitzgibbons was endowed in Sioux Comes, The southeast part of area Dakota, but was raised in the and surrounding suburban areas of some 400 mood in the Set up Rushmore Situation for the first several decades of her way of life. Jan is her actual name, as she was known as after "January Wayne", a character in Jacqueline Susann's potboiler Once Is Not Enough (1975). She performed at the All-American job of invert child at Dairy food Master after organization.

Her dad was a trainer, and the family progressively moved coming back to Sioux Comes, the greatest town in The southeast part of area Dakota. After completing from Roosevelt Excellent University in Sioux Comes, she moved to New You are able to City to become a design. Despite her lack of dimension (5'6", which is brief for a design model), she got which tasks, such as Abercrombie & Fitch ads, because of her amazing amazing looks. However, which was just a means for an end, to get out of The southeast part of area Dakota and avoid going to college.

She got her first taste of doing from TV advertising and found that she had glimmer for it, even though she did not act in great organization and had no training. Jan revealed up in a variety of TV pilots and a cable TV screen before developing her big screen release in All the Anger (1999), an separate that never got a actual release. She followed it up with a little element in the youngster thriller The Cup House (2001).

Her actual release in the sensation of becoming more popular was in the near silent element of the beauty who motivates Betty Fonda's son, Troy Garity, in the Bruce Willis-Cate Blanchett-Billy Bob Thornton humorous Bandits (2001). It was not a career-making element. At time the movie was released, she was summary a three-year relationship with Ashley Ashley ashton kutcher.

Small projects followed, along with a "don't display or you won't see me" element in the Adam Sandler-Jack Nicholson humorous Anger Management (2003). She acquired some occupation hold with a amazing element in another humorous, Usa Wedding (2003), a adhere to up to Usa Pie (1999). Until she came the element on "Mad Men" (2007), which designed its release on AMC in 2007, her occupation was constant but undistinguished.

"I choose projects that are not me", Jan has said. The element of Nancy Draper has acquired her two Fantastic Globe nominations and an Emmy nomination as Best Superstar. Her amazing, Elegance Kelly-ish golden-haired ice double looks -- counterpointed by her center dropping in her bright red vision -- have established her as a classic icon of the Twenty-first Century.

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